What Is Coaching?

Coaching is an effective method of self-development and an interactive process enhancing the effectiveness of a person’s performance and increasing the pace of development. Coaching helps individuals to get from where they are right now to where they want to be.

Additionally, coaching helps us to look at life holistically, to get more clarity over our current situation and to identify where the transformation needs to take place in order to achieve defined goals. It is a change process consisting of maximising potential, optimising actions and discovering internal resources through relevant tools and techniques.


Benefits of coaching:

  • you will define your goals and priorities and you will learn techniques to achieve them

  • you will maximize your potential and start using it in the most effective way

  • you will achieve a healthy balance between important areas of your life

  • you will improve your self-awareness and self-reflection

  • you will learn how to motivate yourself

  • you will discover your deepest values

  • you will identify your limiting beliefs and change them to beliefs that will empower you

  • you will learn how to ask good questions that will impact your outcomes

  • you will realise the strengths, skills and resources that you already have within you and you will start using them effectively

  • you will learn to manage your time and effectiveness better

  • you will develop the skill of making good decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is coaching for? 🢓

Coaching is a perfect solution for people who want to implement changes in their life and are looking for solutions. The coaching process provides individuals with the opportunity to look at their life holistically, get clarity with respect to their current situation and where the transformation needs to take place.

Coaching can be specifically useful if:

  • you feel stuck or dissatisfied in life (personally or professionally) and you do not have a clear vision about your next steps
  • you want to identify your values, life priorities and set life goals
  • you want to focus on your self-development
  • you want to improve your relationships with others, both personally and professionally
  • you want to boost your confidence
  • you want to develop your skills
  • you want to make an important, life decision
  • you need support in action
  • you want to start to manage your time and performance effectively
  • you want to discover where your skills lie and unlock your potential

How long is a coaching program? 🢓

The average coaching process take 6 to 12 sessions. It depends on individual needs and goals. Each session is 60 minutes long.

What happens during a coaching session? 🢓

My client decides what he or she would like to focus on during the session and the goal he or she wants to work towards. I will listen actively and I will ask stimulating questions whose aim is to make them think creatively, better understand themselves and their patterns of thought and behaviour, as well as to determine ways of realising their goals. I do not advise and I do not provide solutions because coaching assumes that people have all the resources and the potential they need within themselves. Sometimes they just need professional help to unlock them. I am here to help!

How will coaching help me? 🢓

Coaching with me will help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be, both privately and professionally. You need to be aware though that a lot depends on your involvement in the process and your commitment between the sessions.

What’s your role in the process? 🢓

In order for the coaching process to be successful, you need to meet one condition: you need to take full responsibility for the process, changes and decisions you will make. Your work and engagement during and between sessions will determine the success of the process.

What coaching is NOT? 🢓

Coaching is not therapy, nor it is counselling. Coaching is not a motivational speech that it is often confused with. A coach does not give ready solutions. A coach asks questions; a client has answers.

How often do the session take place? 🢓

Sessions take place weekly or every second week, depending on the agreement made.

How does the consultation work? 🢓

The meeting will be conducted by Skype or phone. During that session we will discuss your current situation, expectations, how I can help you and the areas of my expertise. Additionally, you will get a preview of what the coaching session with me is like and on the basis of that we will be able to make a decision whether we want to work together. During the meeting you will have an opportunity to ask questions about coaching, my working style and the next steps. We will also discuss the programs that I can offer.