Career Coaching consists of individual sessions, carefully tailored to your needs and focused on your career goals and development.


Career Coaching

is just for you if you answer yes to any of the following statements!

You are not satisfied with your job or career

You need support preparing for a promotion

You are planning a career transition (in a current or a new industry)

You want to be the best version of yourself at work

You want to improve your competencies, your work results and efficiency

You are frustrated with the lack of professional development

You are on the right career path but you need to overcome some challenges in order to excel

You are aware that limiting beliefs or fear of failure are holding you back

You want to start making better decisions in a professional context

You want manage your time better and be more efficient


Outcomes you can expect:

  • you will get clarity with regard to your current career situation

  • you will look at your professional development and options you have from a new perspective

  • you will recognise your limiting beliefs and exchange them for the empowering ones

  • you will learn how to set and achieve professional goals

  • you will increase your self-awareness and self-confidence

  • you will start to manage your time effectively and will learn how best to use your resources

  • you will improve the quality of your work

  • you will improve your work-life balance

  • you will improve your communication skills and relationships with others in the workplace

Here’s what’s included:

The program is tailored to the clients’ individual needs, but most follow the below process:

  • Initial intensive session for us to discuss your priorities, career goals, current situation and challenges you experience

  • Stage 1 will help you define your individual formula to succeed and identify what a fulfilling and meaningful career looks like for you. During this stage we will work on the key aspects of your career (natural strengths, your resources and core values). Stage one is also based on SWOT Analysis that helps to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to define areas for your professional development, thus paving the way for future growth

  • Stage 2 will help you identify the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from fulfilling your professional potential and goals identified in Stage 1. We will challenge them and exchange them for new, empowering ones. Additionally, we will brainstorm and explore options and ways to achieve your professional goals

  • Stage 3 is devoted to designing your tailored action plan to achieve your desired outcomes over the next months. We will also work on your personal brand and wrapping up the process

  • Regular monitoring of your results

  • Coaching tools and exercises to aid and stimulate your professional development and work between sessions

  • Support for the duration of the program (phone call or email between sessions)