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About Me

My name is Monika Pawlowicz. I work with individuals who want to consciously direct their lives and create their own futures, both professionally and personally, so that they live according to their values and up to their potential.

Coaching is my passion. I know from my own experience that with professional help we can achieve our goals in a smoother and more effective way.

My mission is to support and inspire people to make changes in their lives, to self-develop and overcome their own limitations. I help my clients to achieve fulfilment in their personal and professional lives as well as boosting personal effectiveness and productivity in both of those areas.

I strongly believe that we map out our own lives by our decisions and actions. I help my clients to identify and understand their drivers as well as their obstacles to achieving their goals and with carefully chosen methods and strategies tailored to each individual, I help them to get where they want to be.

I am a certified coach with a diploma from one of the leading coaching schools in London, Animas Centre for Coaching. I offer both individual and group coaching sessions and in my work as a coach I follow the standards and the ethical codex of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My educational background is in philology and pedagogy. I have been gaining my professional experience by working for international firms in Cracow and London. My professional background encompasses HR, Learning & Development and Project Management.

If you are interested, below are my qualifications and expertise.

Coaching qualifications

Accreditation in Transformational Coaching (accredited by ICF) Animas Centre for Coaching, London

Certification in Group Coaching, CPD, Animas Centre for Coaching, London


Master’s Degree, English Philology: Applied Linguistics (2015) Tischner European University

Bachelor’s Degree, English Philology: Teaching Studies (2013) Pedagogical University of Cracow